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Trade Matters 

Trade Matters is our quarterly newsletter that discusses recent developments in trade and customs.

Spring 2013 [PDF 465Kb]

  • Customs Change in the 2013 Federal Budget - Review Your Imports for Duty Reductions
  • Food Importers and Exporters - Are You Ready for Canada and US Changes?
  • NAFTA - Use the Certificate to Save on Added Costs
  • Trade Compliance Audits - What's Your Best Defense?

Summer 2012

  • Compliance Assessment Program Can Help You Avoid AMPS Penalties
  • CBSA Verification Audit - Correct Non-Compliance to Avoid Future Penalties
  • Canada and US Planning Oil and Gas Reporting Changes


Spring 2012

  • Canada-US Border Security Initiative to Streamline Flow of Goods
  • Exports — Mandatory Electronic Reporting Starts April 1, 2012
  • Energy-Using Products Must Meet New Performance Standards
  • New Wood Packaging Material Requirements

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