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  • Date: 7/12/2013

inBusiness - February 2013 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of inBusiness, Canada’s newest business publication. Produced by KPMG Enterprise in partnership with The Globe and Mail, inBusiness provides meaningful business insights to Canada’s private company owners.
inBusiness - THINK BIG
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In this edition:


Bruce Croxon of Dragons’ Den [PDF 1.07MB]

What does it take to make it in business? (p24)


Turning point [PDF 1.73MB]

Greg Nuttall of Woodlands Biofuels on proving his blockbuster technology is ready for the big-time (p20)


Crime pays [PDF 1.08MB]

How Jad Saliba of Magnet Forensics created groundbreaking software helping law enforcement agencies catch bad guys across the world (p3)


“Like” this if you want to make money through social media [PDF 2.49MB]

Our guide to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (p17)


Growing up [PDF 1.55MB]

Tips on managing your growing business from four hot entrepreneurs (p10)


In the mood [PDF 2.10MB]

What’s the best way for bag designer Pixie Mood to expand reach without burning through all its cash? (p6)


Ask a pro [PDF 883KB]

KPMG Enterprise professionals on holding on to your business and getting money for your R&D (p8)


Better, stronger, faster [PDF 1.65MB]

Why cyclists are clamouring to buy Grass Frames’ bamboo bikes (p5)



Special thanks to authors and contributors


Bryan Borzykowski

Dawn Calleja

Clinton Hussey

Diane Jermyn

John Londono

John Lorinc

Ian McCausland

Dushan Milic

Margaret Mulligan

Judith Pereira

Chelsea Robinson

Derek Shapton

Ivor Tossell

Mike Watier

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