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  • Industry: Public Sector (PS), Health care
  • Date: 12/2/2013

Global Perspectives on Clinical Governance 

At a time when healthcare leaders are under severe pressure to raise standards and demonstrate transparency, The more I know, the less I sleep – Global perspectives on clinical governance provides valuable examples of best practice, showing how governance is the critical glue that can bring together delivery and assurance.

The healthcare sector is still exploring how best to provide oversight and assurance, govern, as well as measure and monitor quality and safety. This report examines the emerging leading practices from some global best-in-class providers and thought leaders.


In studying how successful organizations are developing their clinical and corporate governance, it becomes apparent that for a board to be ’in control’ means having a culture devoted to quality, responsibility and accountability of staff, optimized and standardized processes, and systematic, real-time measurement.


The more I know, the less I sleep: Global perspectives on clinical governance


Georgina H. Black

Georgina H. Black

National Industry Leader, Health & Life Sciences


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