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    Welcome to the KPMG knowledge base of articles and publications that demonstrate our understanding of many of the complex business challenges and key issues faced by companies around the world.
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    Going Beyond the Data

    In our increasingly data-driven society, data and analytics has the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct and manage business operations.
    Modified date: 12/12/2014
    Survey report

    Improving boardroom agility

    We believe that in order to survive in this new environment – organizations will need to take a step forward to assess how they respond to risk.
    Modified date: 12/12/2014
    Survey report

    Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2014

    How is the financial services industry rising to today’s global AML challenges?
    Modified date: 7/31/2014
    Survey report

    Cross-border investigations: Are you prepared for the challenge?

    Cross-border investigations provides meaningful guidance by discussing ways to effectively meet challenges that corporations face.
    Modified date: 3/18/2014
    Survey report

    Mobile Security: from risk to revenue

    Working with Forrester Research, KPMG’s Global TMT practice examined the current mobile security market in Mobile security: from risk to revenue.
    Modified date: 2/19/2014
    Survey report

    Virtually Unregulated: Countering Virtual Currency

    In Virtually Unregulated, we analyze the recent changes to anti-money laundering issues connected with virtual currencies.
    Modified date: 1/13/2014
    White paper

    Global Profiles of the Fraudster

    Fraud specialists have long debated whether it is possible to develop a profile of a fraudster.
    Modified date: 11/27/2013
    Survey report

    Astrus Insights – KPMG’s analysis of third-party integrity risks

    KPMG has launched some potentially groundbreaking analysis into the risks companies face when they enter into new business relationships.
    Modified date: 11/22/2013
    Survey report

    KPMG's Cyber Maturity Assessment

    KPMG’s Cyber Maturity Assessment reviews an organization’s ability to manage and protect its information and its preparedness against cyber attack.
    Modified date: 10/18/2013
    Business and industry issue

    Beyond the Law

    How General Counsel are turning risk to advantage for Canadian businesses
    Modified date: 9/20/2013
    Survey report
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