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      Welcome to the KPMG knowledge base of articles and publications that demonstrate our understanding of many of the complex business challenges and key issues faced by companies around the world.
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      Evidence-Based HR – Report

      This new report reveals that now is the time for C-level and HR leaders to embrace evidence-based HR or risk losing ground.
      Modified date: 6/25/2015
      Survey report

      The Fight for Talent

      Talent management is now firmly on the C-suite’s agenda with organizations competing for top talent on an unprecedented scale.
      Modified date: 6/8/2015
      Survey report

      Being the Best: Inside the Intelligent Finance Function

      Canadian finance functions recognize the talent imperative. Talent management approaches must adapt to shifting national and global realities.
      Modified date: 5/26/2015
      Case study; White paper

      A New Prescription for Mobile Health

      In A New Prescription for Mobile Health KPMG and Pivotal Labs examine the barriers to Mobile health adoption and how to overcome them.
      Modified date: 2/27/2015
      White paper

      Case study: Advanced forecasting drives continuous improvement

      How KPMG in Canada helped a global information technology company overcome a burdened quarterly forecasting process and drive long-term improvement.
      Modified date: 10/3/2014
      Case study

      Case study: A clear roadmap makes growth possible

      How KPMG in Canada helped a liquid and gas transportation service provider improve its processes to support growth and achieve optimal success.
      Modified date: 10/3/2014
      Case study

      The Future Needs to Be Now

      In today’s changing business landscape, forecasting technology and improved processes, are important priorities for organizations’ future success.
      Modified date: 10/3/2014
      White paper

      Case study: Streamlined processes and faster information delivery create opportunities

      How KPMG in Canada helped a nuclear fuel company implement a Financial Service Delivery Model and successfully improve its information delivery.
      Modified date: 10/3/2014
      Case study

      Case study: Optimizing talent flow in financial services

      A case study on how KPMG in Canada helped a multinational financial services organization create a new approach to its talent strategy.
      Modified date: 9/12/2014
      Case study

      How corporate counsel are crossing frontiers to address new challenges

      This paper explores more the findings of our previous studies with GC and other senior counsel in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.
      Modified date: 6/30/2014
      Survey report
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