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  • Date: 9/23/2012

At Risk 

Business in a World of Litigation, Fraud and Deceit/Volume 6, No. 2


There was once a world where litigation was simple. There would be a decision to fight, lawyers would be selected and the nature of the fight agreed. Paper would be exchanged, discoveries held and a judge appointed. Let the trial begin.

At Risk Volume 6, No. 2
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While this is perhaps unrealistically nostalgic, today litigation is really much more complex. Each step towards trial is steeped in considerations, issues, strategy, tactics and process. There are meet and confers, innumerable motions, carriage disputes, certification hearings, expert conferences and on and on. We have international arbitrations in, and lawyers and arbitrators from, countries unconnected with the complainants or the issue in dispute. In the end, we should not be surprised with these developments; we live in an increasingly complicated world and litigation has evolved to accommodate this complexity.


In this issue of At Risk, we examine some of the areas where litigation has changed and where it continues to evolve:


  • Information Management: Risk mitigation or someone else’s problem?
  • The Benefits of Concept Searching
  • All Together Now: The practice of concurrent evidence through “hot-tubbing” and witness-conferencing
  • An Accountant’s Role in Calculating Damages: More than just adding up the numbers


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James McAuley

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