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  • Service: Advisory, Management Consulting, Business Effectiveness
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 2/24/2012

The Power of Procurement – A global survey of Procurement functions 

In the tumultuous global economy, realizing sustainable cost efficiencies is a key priority for business leaders across all industries. KPMG’s global survey of procurement excellence indicates that, although most procurement functions have made significant progress in terms of creating value for their organizations, over the past few years, their momentum has stagnated somewhat.
The Power of Procurement – A global survey of Procurement functions
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In large part, this is because much of the ‘low hanging fruit’ has already been harvested in terms of cost savings, leverage and price.


As a result, the report highlights that procurement functions need to extend their activities and take on a more strategic role within the organization. The survey results show a lack of focus on ongoing supplier relationship management and even less participation in the ‘make versus buy’ decision process. It also points at a lack of preparedness around supply chain risk. The report offers five key recommendations for tackling these challenges.


Read the full report The Power of Procurement (PDF 2.51Mb)


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