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  • Date: 12/12/2012

The Global Reporting Initiative G4 Exposure Draft 

As you may know, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is developing the fourth generation of their Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4) which will be launched in May 2013 at the GRI Conference in Amsterdam.

In June 2012, GRI released a G4 Exposure Draft which was open for public consultation until November 2012. GRI received feedback at a series of public workshops around the world, as well as through the many written comments and representations.


Many organizations were not able to attend these workshops and some found the Exposure Draft complex and somewhat confusing. We therefore created the G4 Exposure Draft Briefing, which summarizes the proposed changes compared to the current G3.1 version of the Guidelines.


Our briefing provides further insight into how these changes may impact your reporting process and report content. While it is not possible to say which of the proposed changes will remain in the final G4 when it is launched, we hope this briefing provides you with the opportunity to begin thinking through some of the potential implications.



William (Bill) J. Murphy

William (Bill) J. Murphy

National Leader, Climate Change & Sustainability Services


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