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  • Service: Audit, Audit, Audit Committee Institute, Audit & Financial Reporting
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 7/18/2012

Spring 2012 Audit Committee Roundtable Report 

The Spring 2012 Roundtable Report highlights the critical issues tabled for discussion at the ACI’s audit committee roundtable session, Audit committee effectiveness – how can audit committees shape their agendas to add value to the business?

Spring 2012 Audit Committee Roundtable Report
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Referencing comments made by the audience and panelists, as well as audience polling results, this report examines the views of the directors, business executives, and audit committee members who attended the sessions to discuss key issues around the makeup of audit committees and finance groups, as well as the audit committee’s roles in areas such as strategic planning and IT risk management.


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