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  • Industry: Industrial Markets, Automotive
  • Type: Business and industry issue, White paper
  • Date: 11/21/2012

Self-driving cars: The next revolution 

Innovation within the automotive sector has brought great technological advances, but has to this day, remained evolutionary. Now, we find ourselves on the cusp of a revolutionary change with the conception of autonomous or “self-driving” vehicles.

Self-driving cars: The next revolution
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Self-driving cars: The next revolution is the fruit of a collaboration between KPMG LLP and the Center for Automotive Research serving to examine the market dynamics in the automotive industry that are making change inevitable, the current and emerging technologies enabling the innovations, the path to bring these to market and finally their impact on the entire automotive ecosystem. It features the insights of over 25 thought leaders, automotive and high-tech executives and government officials as well as analysis of industry trends.


The final report provides valuable insights for the automotive industry as it becomes clear that any player who chooses complacency in the face of such a revolution will find itself falling behind more quickly than they might think. The creation of a self-driving car is no longer limited to our imagination. It can be built, it can be safe, and it will be the new wave for the future.The key thoughts in the article are such that:


  • Self-driving vehicles will not only be accepted by the market, but they will be the engines pulling the industry forward based on key market factors such as the currently high cost of mobility, the pursuit of improved vehicle safety, the demographics of today’s drivers and the increased population density.
  • The convergence of sensor-based technologies and connected-vehicle communications is the key to enable the creation of these vehicles.
  • The success of their entry into the market at the consumer level depends on engaging consumers, enabling the network effect, developing a legal and regulatory framework and spurring the necessary investment.
  • The major implications of the revolution reach far and wide from car accident prevention to productivity and efficiency improvements, to the creation of new business models and scenarios.

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