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  • Industry: Mining
  • Date: 10/25/2012

Mining M&A Quarterly - Third Quarter 2012 

This quarterly publication presents a current snapshot of the M&A market, providing a review of select key transactions while focusing on the rationale behind those deals as trends take shape. It highlights Canadian transactions, but set in the context of global M&A deals and trends.
Mining M&A Quarterly - Third Quarter 2012
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The Mining industry benefited from generally improving conditions during the third quarter, evidenced by rising metal and equity prices as well as M&A activity. The positive trend was evident both in Canada, and across the globe. Mining M&A deal volume and value both increased globally, while in Canada, deal value rose while deal volume pulled back to Q1 levels.


The upbeat news had a broad base. Gold prices reversed a second-quarter dip to increase 11 percent, and the TSX/S&P Global Gold Index rose 15 percent. Copper prices pushed upward by 7 percent, and the TSX/S&P mining indices both navigated single-digit positive territory for the quarter. Global economics also lent a helping hand, with Europe and the US potentially grinding toward stability and demand-leader China openly discussing prospects for stimulus spending.


Lee A. Hodgkinson

Lee A. Hodgkinson

Partner, Audit & National Industry Leader, Mining


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