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  • Industry: Mining
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 8/1/2013

Mining M&A Quarterly Newsletter Second Quarter 2013 

Deal value and deal volume trended downward in the second quarter—both in Canada and around the world. Most precious and base metal prices also continued to stumble, as did share prices represented by the S&P TSX mining indices. M&A activity in most metals and minerals slowed significantly to levels not experienced in the last two years. The industry continues to battle through adversity, hoping that some very recent resilience in commodity and stock markets will begin to reverse the trend.

This quarterly publication presents a current snapshot of the M&A market, providing a review of select key transactions while focusing on the rationale behind those deals as trends take shape. It highlights Canadian transactions, but set in the context of global M&A deals and trends.



Jamie Samograd

Jamie Samograd

Partner, Transaction Services


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