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  • Industry: Mining
  • Date: 8/22/2012

Mining M&A Quarterly - Second Quarter 2012 

This quarterly publication presents a current snapshot of the M&A market, providing a review of select key transactions while focusing on the rationale behind those deals as trends take shape. It highlights Canadian transactions, but set in the context of global M&A deals and trends.

Mining M&A Quarterly - Second Quarter 2012
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The current environment of uncertainty and anxiety inevitably took its toll on the M&A market. Globally, M&A value and volume fell significantly from levels observed in the previous quarter, even when the Glencore/Xstrata mega-merger is removed from the comparison.


By value, Canadian mining M&A was generally in line with levels experienced in Q1 2012; although as noted last quarter, these levels are depressed relative to 2011 levels considered more normal. One bright spot is that transaction volumes rebounded significantly, reflecting a larger number of small deals—an inevitable side effect of falling share prices.


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Lee A. Hodgkinson

Lee A. Hodgkinson

Partner, Audit & National Industry Leader, Mining


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