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  • Industry: Public Sector (PS), Federal Government
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Regulatory update
  • Date: 8/6/2011

Issues Monitor – Government 

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Issues Monitor – Government
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In the July 2011 issue of KPMG International’s Issues Monitor, we focus on cyber crime and espionage activities. As government offices become the target of cyber attacks, the costs to maintain, protect and restore cyber infrastructure have escalated.


Although governments and organizations are now focusing on measures to mitigate the issue, the very nature of cyberspace poses a number of challenges to the implementation of regulations in any country. Investigation of cyber crimes is inevitably complex, as the criminal activity is borderless. Also, many countries are facing a shortage of skilled cyber crime fighters. Global leaders must undertake joint initiatives to fight borderless and continuously evolving cyber crime. However, such collaboration has been difficult to achieve, as gaining a consensus among countries over new cyber laws is challenging.


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