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  • Service: Advisory, Transactions & Restructuring, Infrastructure Advisory
  • Industry: Energy, Power & Utilities, Building, Construction & Real Estate
  • Type: Business and industry issue, White paper
  • Date: 2/22/2011

Construction Risk in New Nuclear Power Projects – Eyes Wide Open 

Global pressure to reduce carbon footprint has led to a renewed focus in the power industry.

Reducing the carbon footprint is undoubtedly one of the greatest global challenges facing industrialized nations today. Factors influencing this include the replacement of existing fossil fuel technologies with low-carbon technologies, an ever increasing demand for low-carbon power generation, and a desire for a competitive source of power. These factors have led to a renewed focus in the power industry towards nuclear power generation as a low cost source of low-carbon electricity.


This publication focuses on construction risks and shares examples of models in new nuclear power projects. It also discusses other critical considerations for investors, including the concurrent balancing of construction risks with market risk, regulatory risk, legal and political risk, environmental risk, and operations risk.