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  • Service: Topics, Sustainability
  • Industry: Consumer Markets
  • Type: Business and industry issue, White paper
  • Date: 5/24/2012

Expect the unexpected - Building business value in a changing world 

This report outlines how the world has changed and the megaforces that will continue to change the world over the next 20 years. The large and growing environmental footprint of industry sectors forces strategic decisions by businesses to change long-term thinking. Through innovation, they can build value in a changing world by addressing the impacts of megaforces and changing the way the world produces and consumes.
Business value in a changing world
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Below are two sector-specific PowerPoint decks that summarize the primary megaforce risks and opportunities faced by the Food and Beverage sectors.


To download the Food sector deck click here [PDF 1.52MB]


To download the Beverage Sector deck click here [PDF 1.51MB]


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