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  • Service: Audit, Advisory, KPMG Enterprise
  • Industry: Technology, Media and Telecommunications
  • Type: Benchmarking study
  • Date: 6/18/2012

British Columbia Technology Report Card 2012 

A report card that examines BC's technology industry as it stands today—provincially and nationally, and summarizes the performance of the industry compared to the traditional sectors of the BC economy and the technology sectors in other large Canadian provinces.
British Columbia Technology Report Card 2012
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The BC technology industry is at a turning point. At first glance, there is much to celebrate. The industry has grown steadily within the provincial economy and is a leader in GDP and job creation. BC has the people, the companies and the stored potential to be an important technology force, both in Canada and globally. But when it comes to competing outside the province, the results are not as favourable.

The report ratings show that the BC technology industry is outperforming its industry peers provincially, but is underperforming in comparison to its technology sector peers in other provinces. The global technology market is enormous, growing rapidly, and represents a significant opportunity for BC. Realizing BC’s full potential will require a heightened level of intention in terms of policy and industry development. The trend in BC is generally positive and given BC’s fundamental strengths and stored potential, the opportunity for continued improvement is clear and should be exercised with a renewed sense of urgency. Taking BC technology to the next level of growth in terms of job creation, investment and leadership will require a renewed commitment and partnership between government, industry and investors.


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