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  • Industry: Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Technology
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 3/19/2013

Breaking through the Cloud Adoption Barriers 

The rapid growth of cloud brings many challenges and opportunities to the technology sector.  Evolving business models, together with concerns over cost, security and control remain top of mind for both users and providers of cloud services.

Breaking through the Cloud Adoption Barriers
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Canadians continue to have a certain degree of skepticism surrounding unproven technologies. North of the border the approach to cloud is conservative, in part, due to the lack of visibility into future demands, costs associated with those demands and risks surrounding privacy and security.


Today, Canadian organizations predominately use cloud enabled services for: email collaboration and software, office tools and sales and marketing. Over the next 18 months this focus is expected to shift to a broader focus that includes: IT management, sourcing and procurement, tax and HR.


Confidence in the security of cloud providers is increasing and we are seeing a shift in focus away from strictly cost reduction to other more expansive benefits of cloud.


To increase the understanding of the impact of cloud on service and technology providers, KPMG surveyed 179 cloud providers globally. The purpose of the survey was to provide insight in the following areas:


  1. Cloud adoption patterns
  2. Perceived barriers to customer adoption of cloud
  3. Customer decision-making process
  4. Service level agreements
  5. Cloud deployment ecosystems.


Brendan G. Maher

Brendan G. Maher

National Industry Leader, Technology, Media and Telecommunications


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