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  • Service: Advisory, Risk Consulting, Forensic
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 5/10/2013

Beyond the Law 

Globally, business models are changing and becoming more complex. The global economic crisis and the tightened regulatory environment that followed in its wake have shifted how businesses make decisions and operate. A company’s chief legal advisor, its General Counsel (GC), is playing a greater role in these decisions and in helping to shape the organization’s strategy and achieve its corporate objectives.

Survey of Canadian GC


Our Canadian survey [PDF 2.12MB] followed KPMG's global study of GC that provided a thorough review of where GCs believe their legal departments are headed. In this report we discuss the results of our Canadian survey within the context of, and in comparison to, our global study [PDF 2.25MB].


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Beyond the Law
Beyond the Law


About KPMG Forensic


KPMG Forensic helps organizations in their efforts to achieve the highest level of integrity and to manage the cost and risk of litigation, investigations, and regulatory enforcement actions by assisting with:


  • The prevention, detection and response to fraud, waste, abuse and other forms of misconduct
  • The avoidance and resolution of disputes
  • The collection, discovery and analysis of electronically stored information.


If you would like to learn more about how KPMG can help shape your organization's strategy or assist with disputes, investigations, processes and controls please contact Derek Rostant, President, KPMG Forensic.



James McAuley

James McAuley

Partner, Advisory Services, Forensic


Beyond the Law

Beyond the Law


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