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  • Service: Advisory, Risk & Compliance, Accounting Advisory Services
  • Industry: Consumer Markets
  • Date: 10/22/2011

2011 KPMG Executive Roundtable - Growth, Today’s Consumer and the Changing Landscape in the Food and Beverage Industry 

Food and beverage manufacturers today are faced with a wide range of opportunities and challenges in their quest to bring to market the products Canadians want and need. This isn’t always an easy task, considering our still unpredictable economy and the often-conflicting trends influencing consumer spending — from demand for value and convenience, to interest in organics and health and wellness.
2011 KPMG Executive Roundtable
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KPMG interviewed executives from various sectors of the Canadian food and beverage industry to uncover their views on how the industry is meeting these challenges. The in-depth interview was featured in the September 2011 issue of Food In Canada magazine.


Participants in this year’s executive roundtable include: Dino Bianco, president, Kraft Foods Canada; Nancy Croitoru, president and CEO of Food and Consumer Products of Canada; Elda Fares, partner, KPMG EnterpriseTM; Marc Guay, president, PepsiCo Foods Canada; Cam Heaps, co-founder, Steam Whistle Brewery; Willy Kruh, global chairman, Consumer Markets, KPMG LLP; Andrew MacGillivray, president and CEO, GayLea Foods; Elena Quistini, owner and CEO, Pasta Quistini; and Adolph Zarovinsky, founder and president, Tiffany Gates Food.


With over 72 years of experience, Food In Canada is recognized as the voice of the food and beverage processing industry in Canada.


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