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Looking Out for the Little Guy 

No longer can you be satisfied with only protecting your internal networks with layers of firewalls. Wireless devices inside and outside of your network, particularly PDAs, have created new security risks.


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Because of their tiny size, PDAs are especially prone to loss or theft. And because of the sensitive data they carry, they can cause untold grief if they fall into the wrong hands. Key security concerns include:


  • Theft of a device that has not been password protected
  • Unencrypted data stored on the optional memory card
  • Malicious applications that try to steal company information
  • Cameras on PDAs that can take pictures of sensitive information


Looking Out for the Little Guy describes proven processes for gauging and mitigating the risks posed by PDAs to your company’s physical system security, network security and data security.


This article was originally published in CIO Canada: Volume 16, Number 9, in November 2008.