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Survive Your IT Marriage 

Making sure your outsourcing relationship stays out of the divorce courts


In an effort to reduce costs and increase business value, many organizations are outsourcing some or all IT processes. In these conditions, maintaining healthy relationships with outsourcing vendors is becoming increasingly important.


Co-authored by Yvon Audette, National Co-Leader of IT Advisory Services for KPMG, "Survive Your IT Marriage" suggests several steps that can help CIOs better manage relationships with outsourcing vendors, including:

  • Providing financial incentives for vendors to deliver value-added services by adding gain-sharing clauses in the contract
  • Implementing a strong change management program to support the transition from doing work internally to getting it done by a service provider
  • Maintaining an appropriate stay-back team with sufficient knowledge of the services being outsourced to respond to any issues
  • Maintaining senior management oversight with a solid governance model