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Stop Living on a Shoestring, Embrace Transformation, and Start Living on Efficiency 

Canadian businesses face dilemma of supporting growth without adding cost


Recent headlines have emphasized the need to reduce costs, but this focus is beginning to change. As Canada's economic momentum gradually rebuilds, many business leaders are setting their sights on strategic growth and facing a dilemma: how can they fundamentally update their operating models to support and sustain growth without also adding to their cost base?


In the February 2010 issue of Backbone Magazine, KPMG's Ian Shelley urges Canadian businesses to "stop living on a shoestring, embrace transformation, and start living on efficiency." Technology can enable steep strategic changes in an organization's capabilities, markets, business, or operating model—innovations in line with new economic realities.


Transformation initiatives are not new, but the case for change is immediate. Delaying action or taking a too-cautious approach could lead to a serious competitive disadvantage in the better times ahead.