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Making Sense of IT 

Why it's time to get IT out of the basement and into the boardroom


Originally appearing in KPMG International's Agenda magazine, "Making Sense of IT" suggests that IT executives and their C-level counterparts should make greater efforts to understand each other's perspectives if they want to leverage technology as a significant source of competitive advantage.


With examples from global organizations that have put IT at the heart of strategic decision making, this article suggests the following measures to help businesses fully leverage their IT potential:

  • Engage and empower the CIO or CTO in the decision-making process by conferring a seat on the Board
  • Ensure that all parties speak the same language. It's easy for the business to tune out if IT only talks tech
  • Bring IT into the huddle. In some businesses, IT isn't even in the same building, much less on integrated teams that include non-IT staff


Although organizations rarely agree on business priorities for IT, CIOs can help constructively focus that debate and, in doing so, narrow or close the greatest cultural divide in modern business.