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Exploring Global Frontiers – The New Emerging Destinations 

Calgary and Winnipeg are among the top 10 onshore alternatives for companies in the Americas looking to outsource IT and other business processes


Until recently, the Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry has seemed to converge in a handful of traditional outsourcing locations, largely in emerging markets. As these traditional locations rapidly approach saturation, KPMG's IT Advisory professionals expect diverse destinations to emerge as viable alternatives.


Exploring Global Frontiers identifies 31 such destinations for IT-BPO service providers or client companies that have outsourced or are considering outsourcing of this type. The new crop of destinations includes well-known cities in developed countries and lesser-known peers in emerging markets. Canada claims two of 10 hotspots in the Americas, with both Calgary and Winnipeg cited for their large labour pools, mature capabilities to support back-office operations, and relative proximity to major client markets, among other factors.


The KPMG International research uncovered seven advantages shared by the 31 cities, including lower cost, government support and incentives, dedicated infrastructure for IT-BPO firms, size of workforce, quality of talent, linguistic and cultural similarities, and quality of life.