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Data Loss Barometer 

Incidents expected to rise as organizations cut costs and potentially expose sensitive data to loss or theft


Data loss incidents are increasing in number and significance every year. Such leakages or breaches are not only costly but damaging to corporate reputations. This KPMG in the UK research report mines publicly disclosed data loss incidents from around the world to identify common types of loss, where losses occur, and the number of individuals affected.


In 2008, 427 data loss incidents were reported, affecting 83 million people globally. Although fewer people were affected overall in 2008 than in 2007, more than half of the victims suffered losses in the last quarter of 2008, which could suggest a correlation between economic slowdown and increased rate in reported data loss incidents. Over 190 million people worldwide could be affected if the current trend continues through 2009.


Organizations with multiple and complex third-party relationships are particularly vulnerable to the loss or theft of data. In these turbulent times, clients of outside service organizations need to be as vigilant about their third-party data controls as they are about their own.