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Clouds in the Forecast 

Canadian perspectives on the promise of cloud computing services for business


Cloud computing is one of today's most popular buzzwords; it describes an à la carte menu of products and services—from unprecedented access to raw computing power, to potentially transformative full software solutions.

The cloud promises to change the way organizations use IT, but many decision-makers are struggling for clarity on what is achievable in practice. Clouds in the Forecast offers relevant insights and experiences to help address the following issues:

  • Key business advantages of using cloud computing services
  • Best and highest business uses of cloud-enabled capabilities
  • Key business risks inherent in cloud-based environments
  • Effective service level agreements and techniques to mitigate vendor lock-in.


Cloud computing is likely to be a key part of many IT strategies in the next decade. However, business concerns in the areas of privacy and security are likely to pose a continued and significant barrier to wholesale adoption of cloud services.


For many Canadian organizations, migration to the cloud will be a journey involving case-by-case decisions along the way.