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KPMG's Insurance Group – Recent Publications – December 2012 

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IFRS Insurance Newsletter, Issue 32


This edition of IFRS Insurance Newsletter highlights the results of the IASB-only discussions in December 2012 on the joint insurance contracts project. In addition, it provides the current status of the project and an expected timeline for completion.



  • The residual margin would be unlocked for differences between current and previous estimates of cash flows relating to future coverage or other future services.
  • The residual margin for participating contracts would not be adjusted for changes in the value of the underlying items as measured using IFRS.
  • At inception, a cedant would determine the residual margin on a reinsurance contract by reflecting in the expected fulfillment cash flows all the effects of non-performance, including those associated with expected credit losses. Subsequent changes in expected cash flows resulting from changes in expected credit losses would be recognized in profit or loss.


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iCircle Magazine


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Frontiers in Finance


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Rethinking operations - A closer look at operational transformation

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Insurance Newsletter

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