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KPMG’s Insurance Group – Recent Publications – September 2012 

At KPMG, we are dedicated to providing our clients with insights on today’s critical business issues. To help keep you up to date, we’re pleased to share with you recent studies, white papers, articles, and multimedia content published by KPMG.

Embedding Productivity Disciplines

Embedded Productivity Disciplines: Why financial services firms need a lifestyle change that lasts
This publication leverages our experiences and insights working with global financial institutions enhancing their productivity and implementing cost-reduction plans.


Insurance Newsletter - High Growth Markets

High Growth Markets - August 2012
KPMG's award-winning "High Growth Markets" magazine is an essential read for those interested in understanding the opportunities and challenges that exist in growth markets and emerging economies for global investors.


IFRS for Investment Funds

IFRS for Investment Funds - Issue 5
This publication addresses the practical application issues that investment funds, including segregated funds, may encounter when applying the fair value measurement requirements of IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement and IFRS 13: Fair Value Measurement and outlines key differences between the two standards.


The South African Insurance Industry Survey 2012

The South African Insurance Industry Survey 2012 
This publication provides insight into current trends in Africa, relevant to both those considering investments there and trends that are also impacting Canada. For example, this survey shows that over the past decade, direct marketing and niche players in the short-term insurance market have captured more than 10% of the market.


Insurance Newsletter - IFRS-practice-issues

IFRS Practice Issues: Fair value measurement of derivatives - the basics
This publication applies to all companies that invest in derivatives, and discussing the basic principles behind the valuation of derivatives under IFRS, including making adjustments for credit liquidity and other factors at a portfolio level and how certain accounting requirements are made operational.


Insurance Newsletter - from-strategy

Optimizing banking operating models: From strategy to implementation
Banks are struggling just to keep up with new regulations, radical technologies, rising customer expectations and volatile economic environments. Many of the challenges facing the banks apply to insurance companies as well, and therefore we have included this paper as it delivers insightful tips to help financial institutions around the world reassess and redesign their existing operating models.


Insurance Newsletter - uk-banks-performance

UK Banks: Performance Benchmarking Report - Half Year Results
This report summarizes the 2012 interim results of UK Banks, and provides insights into their views on financial performance in the financial services sector, global economic outlook, and the outlook for banking, including new pressures and the business model.


Insurance Newsletter - Greater clarity

Greater clarity over the impact of global OTC derivatives reform on the Hong Kong market
A major milestone in the development of Hong Kong's new over-the-counter ('OTC') derivatives market regulations has been reached with the publication in July of the conclusions from the HKMA and SFC's public consultation on this topic.

Insurance Newsletter

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