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  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Date: 1/6/2013

Cost Optimization: Better data, efficient processes and lower costs 

Senior executives within financial services continue to face challenging circumstances. Despite the uncertainties in today's environment, there are signs that banks, insurers and investment managers are learning to operate within the 'new normal'. It is evident that the old patterns of booming capital markets, and continually-growing economies may not return any time soon. The reality, of course, is that it was never truly that easy and the circumstances we all face today are not all that unprecedented.

The right course of action in addressing today's global economic challenges involves addressing multiple concurrent priorities which include a focus on the customer, a view to long-term profitability and, of course, managing the regulatory agenda. In this issue of Frontiers in Finance, we return to the themes of cost optimization, transforming business and operating models and the challenge of liquidity, among others, to highlight areas where these issues may be addressed.


The financial services agenda is as robust as ever. We hope the articles in this issue help provide a level of insight and perspective to help clarify priorities and identify opportunities.



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