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2015/10/16 [HfS Research] Gary Nowak, Partner, KPMG China, was featured in a profile interview with HfS Research – a US-based research house focusing on global business services, digital transformation and outsourcing. He discussed shared services and outsourcing trends in China.

Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory 

Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory

Helping our clients to benefit through outsourcing


Driven by the desire to reduce costs, gain greater access to qualified talent, harmonize processes, control risk / compliance and focus more on core competencies, companies have turned to shared services and outsourcing as mean of gaining enhanced competitiveness.


The Shared services and outsourcing delivery model can enable organisations to compete more effectively by transforming their internal operations through:


  • Centralizing non-core functions to achieve economies of scale
  • Harmonizing processes to create a standardized procedures
  • Manage your talent more effectively to align skill sets
  • Reduce internal ongoing operating costs
  • Leverage technology investments

KPMG assists our clients in all stages and functional areas of shared services and outsourcing. 


Service Delivery Lifecycle


While shared services provides excellent business opportunities and advantages, it brings with it additional business risks. Our multidisciplinary team can help our clients sort through tax, regulatory, accounting, and technology risk management, as well as other issues within Shared Services.

KPMG can help companies choose the proper delivery model to support shared services, the two shared service center options are:


  • Internal Captive Center
  • Outsourcing to a 3rd Party


There are strengths and weaknesses to each delivery model and KPMG has extensive experience to assist companies with this decision making process.

In addition, KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory can help:


  • Develop your shared services or outsourcing strategy and execution plan
  • Align key stakeholders within your organization
  • Identify the proper scope of services to be delivered through shared services
  • Define your change management / communications plan
  • Build an opportunity case which captures both quantitative and qualitative information
  • Support your decision making process by providing several viable options
  • Provide guidance on lessons learned associated with Shared Services to reduce your risk
  • Recommend a Governance structure to manage shared services
  • Perform an overall “Health Check” on the current operating model
  • Implement your shared services delivery model


The KPMG advantage


We understand your investment in changing your delivery model is significant and that each project has its own unique challenges. Thus, KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory professionals will first undertake to understand the uniqueness of your organisation and tailor an approach that fits your needs. Our professionals are experienced in the shared services industry with global and industry-specific perspectives. This in-depth experience can mean the difference between seeing the broad issues and focusing solely on immediate problems. Backed by our well-established methodologies, our professionals offer a thorough approach to help directly address your company's needs.


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Gary P. Nowak


Gary P. Nowak
Partner in charge
Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory

KPMG China


"MNCs in China are increasingly engaging in shared services. However, it is no longer just about economies of scale, cost and streamlining processes. Today it is more end-to-end, focusing on an MNC’s competitive advantage and asking how we can create value for our business. That is what companies are really talking  about."



Peter Kung


Peter Kung
Senior Partner
Southern China

KPMG China


"A key challenge for any MNC in China is talent management.  MNC’s are always looking for talent and there are many bright students.  And yet, many graduates still fail to find jobs.  MNCs need to be increasingly innovative in attracting and retaining talent.  For example, KPMG has set-up a shared services centre in Foshan, partnering with one of the local universities. The university selects promising students and KPMG teaches them auditing skills and provides a paid internship with they are studying.  For those who perform well, we invite them to join KPMG.  I would encourage MNCs to collaborate more closely with local governments and universities in this way?"


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China 360

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