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KPMG shares essential knowledge of transfer pricing practices through frequent thought leadership publications, including transfer pricing policy studies, sector-specific reports and China-related newsletters.

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International Tax Review - China Looking Ahead (Fifth Edition)
Country Survey on Implementation of OECD’s BEPS Action Plan 13
International Tax Review - China Looking Ahead (Fourth Edition)
Creating Value Using Centralized Trading Centers: A practical guide to setting up a CTC
International Tax Review - China - Looking Ahead (Third Edition)
KPMG Tax Review: OECD Report on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
2013 Global Transfer Pricing Review
Managing cross border trading activities - the transfer pricing challenge
International Tax Review - China Looking Ahead (Second Edition)
A taxing transaction: Tax challenges and opportunities in the payment sector
CBP policy on TP adjustments
Update on transfer pricing in China and Hong Kong
2012 Global Transfer Pricing Review
Taxing times in a changing economy - Highlights from KPMG's Tax Forum in Hong Kong
Changes and challenges in the Asia Pacific transfer pricing landscape
KPMG Webinar: Transfer Pricing and Customs - Practical approaches to managing risk
Asia-Pacific Trade & Customs News 201107/04: Bridging the gap between Transfer Pricing and Customs Valuation
Transfer Pricing: Issues and Solutions for Digital Media 2011
International Tax Review - China Looking Ahead (First Edition)
A World in Transition - Managing the Transfer Pricing Implications of Complex Supply Chains
International Tax Review - Asia Transfer Pricing (6th Edition)
Global Transfer Pricing Review - 2011 Edition
Branch Capital Attribution Tax Survey 2010 - A survey of international practice
Transfer Pricing Topics for High-Tech Companies
Asia Pacific Transfer Pricing Guide
The OECD Report on the Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments
Planning for the Recovery - Examining Transfer Pricing in the current environment and beyond
Chemicals in China: Responding to new challenges
Global Transfer Pricing Review (2009)
China's Energy Sector: A clearer view
New TP Regulations - KPMG's Analysis
Incorporation and beyond - Challenges for foreign banks in China
Surviving a retail downturn
Transfer Pricing Services in China
Mainland China Banking Survey 2008
Momentum: Driving forces in China's car market
Alternative energies in China: Which way will the wind blow?
China's Luxury Consumers: Moving up the curve
State of the Investment Management Industry in Asia Pacific
Automotive Dealerships in China: Accelerating Performance
Specialty Chemicals in China: Catalysts for Growth
Basel II in the Asia Pacific Banking Sector Survey 2008
Digging for Gold: Trends and challenges in China's mining equipment industry
Product sourcing in Asia Pacific
Transfer pricing and customs issues for Consumer Markets in Asia Pacific
M&A Challenges Particular to the Chemical Industry
Valuing brands
Global Transfer Pricing Review (2007)
Improving Transfer Pricing Risk Management in High Technology Companies
Managing Luxury Brand Growth
Transfer Pricing in the Electronics Industry in Asia Pacific

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China Tax Alerts & Hong Kong Tax Alerts (TP related issues)

China Tax Alerts & Hong Kong Tax Alerts (TP related issues)

China tax alert is an adhoc newsletter each covering new tax and transfer pricing (TP) issues affecting businesses in China.


Hong Kong Tax alert is an adhoc newsletter covering topical tax issues in Hong Kong.


Transfer Pricing Forum

Transfer Pricing Forum

Transfer Pricing Forum, one of BNA International's special publications, provides detailed practical guidance on technical and often highly contested transfer pricing issues.