Global Compliance Management Services  

Our Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS) practice leverages KPMG's worldwide experience to provide a range of services to clients considering outsourcing their corporate income tax function.


Today's unprecedented economic challenges are forcing companies to rethink the way they do business. For many, this includes taking a closer look at how they manage their compliance obligations on an international basis. As a result, many companies are looking for more consistent, efficient and cost effective ways to meet their compliance obligations.


KPMG's professionals understand the ever-changing and challenging business and regulatory environment, and know how to respond to your evolving needs.

Outsourcing - an attractive option


By outsourcing, an organisation can capitalise on the economies of scale, specialised labor and the application of industry best practices (assuring processes are aligned with current regulatory demands) available through an external service provider.




Our outsourcing professionals think beyond the immediate compliance task to add longer-term value to your organisation through our:


Global mindset - Our global service recognises the international reach of today's businesses and provides effective global client services with local expertise.


Forward thinking - KPMG recognises that outsourcing is a major commitment for both parties and should be a long-term partnership. We seek to build relationships that can change as you develop and improve your compliance processes and relationship with your regulator in the long run.
Value adding - At KPMG, we will not relegate your regulatory reporting to a mere process. We aim to provide reassurance around your key filing positions and add value through the identification of better disclosure positions and planning opportunities.


By partnering with KPMG, you can improve your compliance processes, technologies and risk management and meet your global compliance obligations while also freeing-up your tax team to focus on supporting your business, both now and in to the future.


KPMG's compliance services include:


Tax compliance and related tax planning

Tax provision preparation
Tax authority inquiry and examination
Compliance process, technology and controls advice
Project coordination and management


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