Transaction Experience 

Mergers and acquisitions

Strategic mergers are an increasingly important method for businesses to achieve corporate objectives. KPMG has in-depth experience of working with clients who are undertaking significant corporate mergers and acquisitions. Our transaction methodology helps that issues, risk areas and integration issues are identified as early on as possible to enable deal success and the subsequent delivery of shareholder value.


With increasing focus in the marketplace on creation of shareholder value, KPMG's methodologies enable us to identify and advise clients on the most appropriate means of disposing/demerging of investments or specific assets. KPMG's Vendor Assist Service provides clients with assistance throughout the entire transaction process.


Whether raising finance, profile or providing a market in your shares, extensive research and meticulous planning are vital in order to undertake a successful IPO. KPMG helps to drive a smooth flotation process by focusing on key issues, using dedicated professional teams.

Joint ventures and strategic alliances

Joint ventures and strategic alliances are increasingly seen as the quickest and safest route for growing internationally, gaining global economies of scale or improving cost competitiveness. More often than not, however, the performance falls short of their objective. KPMG's methodologies help clients understand the risks, synergies and potential integration issues, enabling stronger negotiation positions, clear execution and appropriate exit strategies.


KPMG has significant experience in assisting governments and quasi-government organisations to prepare entities to enter the commercial world, both in terms of the business issues and change management which have to be undertaken. Our integration teams play an important part in transforming organisations ahead of the deadline.

Project and Structured Finance

Obtaining finance which prices risk correctly is key to enhancing shareholder value. Project and structured finance techniques can be used to reduce the weighted average cost of capital of projects/acquisitions giving you a better chance of winning deals. KPMG can help identify separable assets and cash flows which are attractive to lenders, structure the deal to sanitise the cashflows, and perform due diligence which reduces the financier's uncertainty about the deal and identify financing sources.

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