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This is the list of KPMG's Restructuring thought leadership publications.


Latest issues


The evolving role of corporate development in banking
Intellectual Property Rights Study
KPMG Integrity Survey 2013
New energy: leading the way in Hangzhou’s green economy – Invest in Hangzhou: New Energy (2013)
Welcome to Hangzhou: a leading vacation destination – Invest in Hangzhou: Tourism and leisure (2013)
Hangzhou: a biomedical industry base driven by innovation – Invest in Hangzhou: Biomedical Industry(2013)
Changsha: Gateway to Inland China
Hiding in plain sight: The anatomy of a bribe
Raising the bar: manufacturing smart  equipment – Invest in Hangzhou: Modern equipment manufacturing (2013)
Asia Pacific Indirect Tax Country Guide
Healthcare & life sciences in China – Towards growing collaboration
Global Debt Sales: Third edition
Asia Pacific Debt Market Update - Insights into key debt market trends
Acquiring a Slice of China’s Payments Ecosystem
A cultural and creative haven attracting talented people – Invest in Hangzhou: Cultural and Creative Industry(2012)
IT in Hangzhou: People-driven innovation – Invest in Hangzhou: Information Technology Industry(2012)
An emerging centre for the green economy – Invest in Hangzhou: Energy conservation and environment protection(2012)
A financial service centre booming with opportunity – Invest in Hangzhou: Financial Service Industry(2012)
Invest Fujian: Coastal China’s Emerging High Growth Province
Invest Fujian: Coastal China's Emerging High Growth Province
Managing Risks of Fraud and Corruption in China
Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2011
Impact on Oil and Gas Companies
Innovation driven development – Invest Hangzhou: Information Technology
A financial service centre booming with opportunity – Invest Hangzhou: Financial Service Industry
A green economy on the cutting edge of technology – Invest Hangzhou: Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Industry
A cultural and creative paradise brimming with skilled people – Invest Hangzhou: Cultural and Creative Industry
Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Survey 2011
Profile of a fraudster
Who is the typical fraudster?
Taking the Pulse: A global study of mergers and acquisitions in Healthcare
A new dawn: good deals in challenging times
So you want to take the IPO road?
Retail Loss Prevention Survey in China 2010
Side by side - Managing multiple brands in banking
Cash Matters - Cash and working capital management in China
Changzhou Investment Environment Study 2010
Global M&A: Outlook for Metals
M&A due diligence and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Cash is back in fashion, but is it here to stay?
Total Cash and Working Capital - Getting the most out of cash and working capital
Preparing for business disposals
Changsha National Economic and Technical Development Zone Investment Environment Report 2009
Restore - The turnaround magazine, issue 4
Nanjing Xuanwu District Investment Environment Study 2009
Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District Investment Environment Study 2009
Succeeding in turbulent times: A guide to navigating business survival in an uncertain and unfamiliar economic environment
Changzhou Investment Environment Study 2009
Hefei Investment Environment Study 2009
Asia Pacific's New Corporate Landscape: Due diligence in uncertain times
Asia Pacific's New Corporate Landscape: Asian Outbound M&A
Asia Pacific's New Corporate Landscape: Corporate Perceptions of Private Equity
All to play for - Striving for post deal success
Restore, Asia Pacific Issue - The turnaround magazine
Hangzhou Investment Environment Study 2007
China's fund management joint ventures: The growing flow of wealth
Clawing Back Cash: Developing a Total Cash Management Strategy - 2008 Asia Pacific cash management survey
Doing Deals in Tough Times - Best Practices of Leading M&A Teams
A guide to airports in Asia Pacific
Hefei Economic & Technological Development Area Investment Environment Study 2007
Hefei Economic & Technological Development Area Investment Environment Study 2008
Zhengzhou Investment Environment Study 2008
Restore 02
Restructuring Services
Headroom: Bloom time
Restore 01
Cross-Border Investigations - Effectively Meeting the Challenge
Qingdao Shinan District Investment Environment Study 2007
Restructuring: An overview of services in Asia Pacific
IP Business Issue 01
FRM White Paper - Developing a Strategy for Prevention, Detection, and Response
Fraud Risk Management - Developing a Strategy for Prevention, Detection, and Response
Financial Advisory Services for Sellers
The Morning After - Driving for post deal success

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