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Lehman Brothers 

Hong Kong Incorporated Entities - Latest Updates

Lehman Brothers Holding Incorporated filed for bankruptcy in the US courts on 15 September, 2008.

KPMG China partners Paul Brough, Edward Middleton and Patrick Cowley were appointed by the Hong Kong High Court as Provisional Liquidators of the eight Lehman HK Companies, on 17 and 19 September, 2008. In March 2009, the Provisional Liquidators were approved by the High Court to continue in office as Liquidators of the Hong Kong entities. Following the retirement of Paul Brough on 9 December 2011, Rosalie Lui, a KPMG China principal, was appointed by the Hong Kong High Court as Liquidator of three out of the eight Lehman HK Companies.

This website serves as an information source for all eight entities. It provides regular progress updates and latest news as the Liquidators continue to work on the preservation, protection and any subsequent sale of assets. Please contact us with additional queries.

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