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KPMG China's Integration & Separation services range from synergy assessments and pre-completion planning, through to operating model design, implementation and execution support.


Our project management expertise will help you establish and maintain appropriate control and discipline to ensure that the Integration & Separation Programme stays on track and deal objectives are achieved.



Integration services (for acquisition or joint ventures)


  • Integration due diligence: Identifying non-financial deal breakers and key integration risks, assessing deal cost impact, and enabling early post-deal integration planning
  • Independent synergy evaluation: Working together with management to independently challenge assumptions, validate management estimations and collaboratively develop the business case
  • Integration pre-completion planning (Get ready for Day 1 and the first 100 days): Working with management to plan for taking control on Day 1 and mobilising the programme
  • Integration’s first 100 days (Take control and plan the integration): Working with management to take control of the acquired business, understand the opportunities and key decisions to design the target business model, approve and implement quick-win opportunities, and develop and approve integration business cases
  • Integration implementation: Working with management to fully execute the implementation plans, drive progress and manage interdependencies, track integration costs and benefits, and provide support across all functional workstreams



Separation services


  • Separation strategy and options analysis (Understand the scale of the issue): Working with management to develop an initial view of the separation challenges, key issues, high-level solutions and costs
  • Separation planning (Package the business for sale): Working with management to develop a detailed function by function business model – ‘as is’, at ‘deal close’ and ‘end state’ including costs
  • Separation implementation: Working with management to develop detailed separation plans and implement the actual separation
  • Transitional Services Agreements (TSA) preparation: Working with management to identify and develop TSA including costs
  • Stranded cost management: Working with management to develop a strategy to effectively deal with excess resources and capacities that are left behind at the parent company upon full separation of the carved-out business



Potential results and benefits:


  • Know-how: Our specialists bring a wealth of complementary experience and knowledge to your internal team to help ensure your project is implemented successfully
  • Prioritisation: We help you define the measures with clearly outlined tasks, effects, deadlines and responsibilities
  • Speed: The process moves quickly and smoothly because an early-warning system helps to promptly identify and counteract risks
  • Implementation: Your people will be well-furnished with instruction in establishing strong project management discipline and a pragmatic approach to executing the plan and realising the goals

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