Our Approach 

Our approach is based on experience, industry and service expertise. It is:


A value-driven and pragmatic approach

  • The approach is output-driven and pragmatic, focusing on practical financial and operational outcomes and plans.
  • Our people work on the ground in close collaboration with the client's teams.
  • Our approach is based on a solid understanding of the deal and financial deal mechanics.


    Phased, but seamless – linking deal strategy with implementation

      • Our work ideally starts before the deal signing and continues after the deal closing to help ensure value is delivered.
      • Four phases are applied to the integration process: 'Pre-signing', 'Pre-closing', 'Post-closing' and 'Beyond deal'. We connect deal strategy with operational implementation.


    Modular and tailored to client’s specifications

      • Our programme consists of modules that can be used on its own or combined.
      • Our methodology is consistent globally.
      • Our approach is always customised to the specific deal situation and our client's needs.