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Corporate Treasury Update
COO Agenda
The Changing Face of Commerce
Quarterly Business Update
China boardroom update
Actuarial and Financial Risk Management


Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities brought by the China motor insurance reform?
2013 Evolving Insurance Regulation: A new dawn
Evolving Banking Regulation ASPAC Edition - The journey continues...
Leading Insights - Global Insurance Regulation
Economic Capital Modeling in the Insurance Industry
A Collision in the Motor Insurance Insurance
Liquidity - A bigger challenge than capital
From Keeping Score To Adding Value: Global CFOs on the Art of Constructive Change
Insurance regulatory change in Asia Pacific: Gathering pace
Evolving Regulatory Reforms - Impact on Asia Pacific Financial Institutions
A New Role for New Times
Transforming Finance
Getting the balance right: Long-term capital, risk and regulatory challenges for insurers
Optimising regulatory return reporting
Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Services, China and Hong Kong
Finance and Treasury Management
Never again? Risk management in banking beyond the credit crisis
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Services for the banking industry
Climate Change & Sustainability Services


The CEO Guide to Carbon - Emissions reporting and management in Asia Pacific
World Business Summit on Climate Change - Copenhagen, 2009
Sustainable Insight - July 2009
EIU Countdown to Copenhagen: Government, business and the battle against climate change
Sustainability Reporting - A guide
KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2008
Sustainable IT - The case for strategic leadership
Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services


HKEx Consultation Conclusions on Risk Management and Internal Control
Transforming Internal Audit Through Critical Thinking
Consultation Paper on Risk Management and Internal Control: Review of the Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Rep
Expectations of Risk Management Outpacing Capabilities
The ingredients for a strong Governance, Risk and Compliance function in Asia Pacific
Director Training Programme - KPMG Board Advisory
What is Driving Continuous Auditing & Continuous Monitoring Today?
Managing risk in perilous times - Practical steps
Survival of the Most Informed: GRC Comes of Age - How to Envision, Strategize, and Lead to Achieve Enterprise Resilience
Fall 2008 Audit Committee Roundtable Report
CACM - Using Technology to Drive Value by Managing Risk and Improving Performance
Audit Committee Alert
Sourcing risk management
Understanding and articulating risk appetite
Fourth Annual Benchmark Study
Creating Value within Your Organization
Why Companies Are Rebooting Their Risk Assessments
Internal Audit Services brochure
How Have the Recent Regulatory Changes Impacted Compliance Programs?
Internal Audit of the Future - Financial Institutions Look Ahead
The evolution of risk and controls: From score-keeping to strategic partnering
The Evolving Role of the Internal Auditor
Best Practice In Risk Management - A Function Comes of Age
IT Advisory


Cyber Security and the Impact on Banks in China
Compliance with the Deposit Protection Board's Information System Guideline
A single view: putting customers at the heart of your D&A strategy
The SFC – Senior Management’s Responsibilities to Mitigate Cyber Security Risks
PCPD Guidance Note 2014 – Proper Handling of Customers' Personal Data for the Banking Industry
Be smarter start-up: A guide to growing your business in Hong Kong
HKMA’s Customer Data Protection Requirements – 2014 Updates
IT Regulatory Compliance – What’s the next ‘Big Thing’ ?
Cyber security: The five most common mistakes
Data Loss Prevention: Protecting Your Data from Enemy Lines
Transforming for growth: Consumer business in the digital age - Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2014
Creating Value Using Centralized Trading Centers: A practical guide to setting up a CTC
China’s Connected Consumers
KPMG Executive Briefing | The Mainland Tourist - a consumer explosion
Security in the Cyber Age
The China cloud takes shape - Global cloud survey: the implementation challenge and its impact on China
Making IT work to your advantage
Information Governance – The Growing Complexity
Defining and executing a payments transformation strategy
IT in Hangzhou: People-driven innovation – Invest in Hangzhou: Information Technology Industry(2012)
Overcoming legacy: How to leverage the Cloud in China’s changing payments environment
Exploring the Cloud
Sharpening Up for Success - GAAP Conversion and ERP System Compliance Tools - Introduction of KECCI
Using Group ERP / Accounting System in China - General Ledger Interface Solution
Gaining value from software in China
China Investment Forum 2010 slides
Dynamic Technologies for Smarter Government
Exploring Global Frontiers - The New Emerging Destinations
IT Advisory
Location, location, location.
Emerging Destinations for Indian IT / ITES Industry
Business resilience in China - A KPMG China study
Managing IT through market turbulence
ERP / Accounting System Regulatory Compliance Advisory
IT Project Advisory Services
Building confidence through attestation
IS Governance Services
IT Diligence Services
IT Internal Audit Services
Knowledge Process Outsourcing
The Morning After - Driving for post deal success
Global IT Project Management Survey
Creating Stakeholder Value in the Information Age
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