Comprehensive Business Risk Assessment 

An organisation needs to be able to assess and manage the risks that are most relevant to its success. To help you do this, IARCS introduces KPMG's proprietary Comprehensive Business Risk Assessment Methodology (CBRA) which offers a new way of conducting a risk assessment. It helps identify and prioritise the risks that affect the strategic well-being of your organisation, so you can focus on the areas that are most critical to your ultimate success.

Our CBRA professionals strive to frame the issues for your organisation's managers so that not only can they thoroughly understand the risks that are associated with your organisation's business and resultant impact of ineffective or absent controls, management can also prioritise resources, efforts and attention according to the residual impact of the risks identified through the CBRA performed. Clearly, CBRA helps improve your organisation's business performance through enhanced decision-making and improves risk management processes.

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