Information Protection 

In today's business environment, the reputation of a business, even its existence, can be impacted significantly by the strength of the security, privacy and business continuity mechanisms it has in place.

Fundamental controls, such as the segregation of duties, are often completely reliant on the strength of technology based access controls. In a world of global communications networks, security vulnerabilities can be quickly exploited. Well-publicised frauds and scams erode public confidence.

Our suite of security services includes the following elements that can be tailored to suit your business needs:

Security review and assessment

Security policy design
Security strategy development
Security training
Penetration testing

KPMG's IT Advisory also provide continuity advisory services, designed to support disaster recovery and business continuity efforts, covering:

Business Continuity Management

Disaster Recovery Planning
Contingency Planning
Crisis Management

Our security professionals have a wide range of technical skills to meet your organisation's needs so please contact us if the service you require is not listed above.

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