What we do - Tax 

What we do - Tax



If you thrive on intellectual challenges, enjoy helping clients identify tax-planning opportunities and meet their tax compliance requirements, and have a flair for analysing and communicating complex issues in a clear and concise manner, then Tax could be just the thing for you.


Determining the local tax liabilities of a company whose international operations are divided across different divisions can be a complicated task.


Tax is a driver for setting up new corporate structures that meet the demands of the business for tomorrow, an initiator for arranging and routing the financial flows within multinational companies. As a tax professional, your skills, tact and knowledge can make a difference to your client's business strategy and, ultimately, their bottom line.  


Tax challenges you because it is continuously changing. Today's answers may not be sufficient tomorrow. 


This is your opportunity to be at the centre of a client's business and gain a privileged insight into how different businesses really operate. We offer you the challenging career opportunities you are looking for, in an inspiring, team-based environment.




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