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Internship programme  

When do you offer internships?

KPMG runs an internship programme during the two main vacation times of the year: winter and summer. 

• 4-weeks Winter Internship: Starting period varies from January to February

• 4-weeks Summer Internship: Starting period varies from July to August


What personal attributes do I need?

• Enjoy working with people

• Have strong communication skills

• Be a team player and be willing to learn from others

• Possess an ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks
• Most importantly, show enthusiasm about pursuing a future career with KPMG

How will I benefit from an internship?

KPMG’s internship programme is organized to ensure that every student who joins us can gain intensive on-the-job experience during the period and get a real understanding of the industry. Interns will learn important professional skills and have the opportunity to determine what kind of work area suits them best.


Necessary training courses will be provided before assigning our interns for an engagement. We will assign each intern a buddy that will answer any questions and explain how things work around the office. Interns are also assigned mentors who will guide their career and provide feedback on your skills, learning and development.

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