GO - Global Opportunities 

Go-Global Opportunities


Working with a diverse global team
As a KPMG Professional, you will work with global teams, either here or around the world, and have the opportunity to travel for training or project-based assignments.

Global Opportunities
International opportunities range from short-term assignments of just
three months to long-term assignments of two to three years, or even a permanent move. We offer general secondments in all our practice areas as well as specific programmes for Audit, Tax and Advisory.
For example, our Audit programme offers you the opportunity to move within Asia Pacific or go to the US, the UK, Australia or Canada for 18 months, while Tax Trek is a three-month exchange programme between 25 countries. Our Audit Career Enhancement (ACE) programme allows you to work at a KPMG Asia Pacific office of your choice. Furthermore, our National Mobility Programme gives you the chance to work in another KPMG office in China.
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