WWF Hong Kong 

WWF Hong Kong

WWF Hong Kong is one of Hong Kong's leading environmental charities. It has been working since 1981 to ensure a better environment for present and future generations in Hong Kong through implementation of a wide range of focused conservation and environmental education programmes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Nowadays air conditioning alone accounts for as much energy usage as lighting and cooking combined. With this in mind, WWF Hong Kong is developing the Low-Carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP).


LOOP focuses on key office activities in order to give companies a detailed look at their emissions. Electricity usage, air travel and recycling programs are just some of the factors that are calculated by offices. LOOP also uses a rating system to take into account the effects of management and technology practices. The LOOP family now includes 40 offices, with KPMG's among them.


KPMG China was one of the first companies to start working with WWF Hong Kong on LOOP in May 2008. The firm assisted in both the development and testing of the programme's methodology. The firm's involvement is part of the larger "Global Green Initiative", with an ambition to reduce 25 percent of our global carbon footprint by 2010, based on a 2007 baseline. When the report came out in July 2011, it revealed a reduction in carbon emissions per Full Time Employee (FTE) by a whopping 19 percent! In the next five years, the China firm's plan is to achieve a further reduction of 15%, based on the 2010 baseline.


KPMG China has also been supporting WWF's 'Earth Hour' campaign in raising the awareness on climate change. Since 2008, as a corporate participant, all KPMG China's offices turned off their lights for an hour to support the initiative. In 2010, a WWF China post-Earth Hour business engagement programme case study booklet, namely 'Earth Hour - Climate and Responsibility: case studies of 2010 participating companies (PDF 3.61MB)', was sponsored by KPMG China.

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