Society for Community Organization (SoCO) 

Society for Community Organization (SoCO)

SoCO is a non-profit and non-governmental community organisation that provides basic services and support for elderly people, new immigrants and children from deprived families.

 KPMG China has been working with SoCO since 2003. Most families we are helping have a household income of less than HK$5,000 per month. Over this time more than 1,200 staff members have helped SoCO in its valuable work, especially concerning children. Our firm has helped develop the potential of these children by providing them with educational and financial support.


Recently, the scope of our collaboration with SoCO was extended and a Read and Learn programme was introduced since 2010. It aims to teach the children both English and positive values through reading. Books that contain meaningful lessons were chosen to help the children make the right choices in the years to follow and ultimately grow into responsible adults. On top of the reading programme, monthly activities are arranged for the SoCO children aiming to expose them to activities they may otherwise not be able to participate in. Activities such as taking them to a rugby game and to teach them how to play, to making and flying kites with these children and their parents, and not the Annual Christmas Party the KPMG volunteers organised for these children.

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