Operation Smile (OS) 

Operation Smile (OS)

Operation Smile (OS) is a non-profit, volunteer medical service organisation providing reconstructive surgery and related healthcare to children and young adults with facial deformities in developing countries and the United States. Since its inception in China in 1991, the lives of more than 15,000 children born in China with a

cleft lip or palate have regained their smiles and the self-confidence to lead healthy, normal lives.


Since 2004, KPMG China has sent over 140 volunteers on the surgical missions organised by OS. Our volunteers assist OS’s international medical teams by acting as interpreters and counsellors to the patients and their families, and help with on-site coordination. Their efforts have helped transform the lives of over 2,200 underprivileged children and young adults.


In addition to our continuous support of sending KPMG staff to assist on the missions, the KPMG Foundation is committed to sponsoring 50 surgeries annually on its medical missions. In 2011, 25 KPMG China staff members participated in four OS missions and helped treat over 400 patients. In March 2012, 6 volunteers from KPMG China offices joined a mission in Wenshan, Yunnan province as interpreters and helpers. The medical team screened 125 patients and safely and successfully operated on 87 of them. More missions will be arranged for later this year.

What is CSR to KPMG China?

Corporate Social Responsibility is not just about philanthropy or community services, but how we engage our people at all levels to make a difference that could be sustainable and enhance our business success.