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presented by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for twelve consecutive years (from 2002 - 2014).    more awards 

The KPMG survey of business reporting

The KPMG survey of business reporting


This site explores the growing interest in better reporting, including the Integrated Reporting Framework. We explain what it means in practice and discuss ways in which organizations can develop their reporting to support a more effective dialogue with their investors.


 M&A Predictor


M&A predictor 2014



KPMG's M&A Predictor looks at the appetite and capacity for M&A deals by tracking and projecting important indicators 12 months forward. This issue shows that the increase in appetite is matched by an anticipated increase of capacity of 12 percent over the next year.


What is the M&A Predictor? Tom Franks, Global Head of Corporate Finance

Youtube What is the M&A predictor?
Tom Franks, Global Head of Corporate Finance


 Value of Audit


Audit has proved its worth over the years, to investors and companies alike. But as the events of the last decade have shown, it's time for change - for a revolution in audit thinking and execution. Business has changed, shareholder needs have evolved, and audit needs to keep up. That's why we created this project.



This section is dedicated to special topics and interests. Each of these discrete sections presents research, opinion and KPMG thought leadership. 



China’s banking sector: Hot topics and performance of listed banks in 2014 Q1   China's urban future - publication series


China's banking sector: Hot topics and performance of listed banks in 2014 Q1


In this issue, we focus on current hot topics, including internet banking, interest rate liberalisation reform, corporate debt default, implementation of advanced methods of capital management, and a pilot scheme for switching from business tax to VAT.


China's urban future


Urbanization is one of the primary initiatives of China's central government, and has both local and global implications. KPMG's Global China Practice is preparing a series of articles focusing on the policies and related initiatives that will play a vital role in China's continuous drive toward new urbanization.



China's 12th Five-Year Plan - Insight Series


China's 12th Five-Year Plan - Insight Series


Three of the main priorities in this Five-Year Plan are sustainable growth, industrial upgrading and the promotion of domestic consumption.



Board Advisory Insights


Board Advisory


Third Plenum Research Series


Third Plenum


This series provides a well-researched point of view and insights related to the results from the Third Plenum’s impact on economy, inbound and outbound investment as well as opportunities.