CCTV Interview (11 March 2015)


 CCTV Interview (5 March 2015)


 China Quarterly Report latest issue

China Quarterly Report (Q3 2014)



 China 360 latest issue

China 360



 Hong Kong Edge - Issue 11, April 2015


Hong Kong Edge - Issue 11, April 2015


In this issue:

  • Interview
  • Weighted voting right structures
  • Public private partnerships
  • IPO market outlook
  • GAAR measures
  • New corporate governance requirements
  • KPMG events
  • KPMG in the market




 New Revenue Standard


 New Revenue Standard


This page provides direct access to the series of materials available on the new revenue standard designed to assist companies with the transition to IFRS 15.


This section is dedicated to special topics and interests. Each of these discrete sections presents research, opinion and KPMG thought leadership. 



China Outlook 2015


China Outlook 2015 provides analysis and commentary on China’s economy, outward direct investment (ODI) and foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2014, and offers a closer look at the industry sectors where we identified emerging trends and opportunities. The report also provides our outlook for 2015 and detailed analysis of trends in key sectors such as real estate and infrastructure, and provides forecasts for 2015. 


Cyber Security and the Impact on Banks in China: Regulatory Policy Development and Updates


Cyber Security and the Impact on Banks in China: Regulatory Policy Development and Updates


The China Banking Regulatory Commission issued two circulars (Circulars No. 39 and No. 317) in 2014 regarding the use of ‘secure and controllable IT’, which require banks to strengthen their stance on cyber security. The issuance of these circulars will likely result in significant changes in the composition of technologies for banks in China. 

China's 12th Five-Year Plan - Insight Series


China's 12th Five-Year Plan - Insight Series


Three of the main priorities in this Five-Year Plan are sustainable growth, industrial upgrading and the promotion of domestic consumption.




China's urban future - publication series


China's urban future



Board Advisory Insights


Board Advisory


China's Fourth Plenum - Implications for business


China's Fourth Plenum - Implications for business 


KPMG's Global China Practice provides a short analysis of this Plenum. We put this meeting into context, and summarize the key outcomes. In particular we have provided our view on the potential impact to business in China as a result of some of the changes put forward in the Plenum.

Hong Kong Start-ups

Hong Kong Start-ups

What start-ups need to consider? Where to get access to information? What events they can consider to attend?



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