Statement from the Provisional Liquidators, MF Global Hong Kong Limited (Provisional Liquidators Appointed) ("MFG HK") 

This is an update following our Statement to clients on 23 November 2011.


Further update on clients' Futures and Options positions in HK market:


All open contracts of all of MFG HK's direct clients held at HKFE have been either closed out or transferred.


Further update on clients' funds:


The Provisional Liquidators are in the process of recovering the funds held by the HKFE Clearing Corporation Limited, and are continuing to seek the repatriation of funds held by brokers overseas.


The Provisional Liquidators are continuing to reconcile clients' positions, and at the same time to investigate the issues and steps required to be completed in order to expedite the return of clients' funds under the relevant Hong Kong laws and regulations. Please refer to our Statement issued on 23 November 2011 and published in the KPMG website: and for further details.


Clients of MFG HK are encouraged to contact Ms Jasmine Lai on +852 2913 2539 or email should you have any enquires.


The Provisional Liquidators will otherwise provide further updates and information in due course.


Yours faithfully

For and on behalf of MF Global Hong Kong Limited


Patrick Cowley

Joint and Several Provisional Liquidator

(Acting as agents without personal liability)


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